House of the Dragon 1×8 Reaction

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  1. i said from jump that daemon’s ex Lady M is the varys of this show. from slave, to whore, to business woman with her own little birds int he city. mistress of whispers. that doesnt seem to be a position on the council yet like it is in game of thrones time so maybe she is the first to hold it?????????

  2. they dont say it here in the show for some reason (dumb? lazy? want to confuse us?) but in the lore/books they are seconds and thirds and fourths and fifths. you just have to keep count in your head for the show. aegon the conqueror was aegon the first, viserys’ son is aegon the second, and rhaenyra’s sons are aegon the third and viserys the second

  3. dont know how yall missed this last episode but aegon and aemond said that aegon is betrothed to haelaena and he hated it. they had a whole conversation about it. so yeah, his sister is his wife and he’s fucking other women. and is an alcoholic asshole.

  4. the actor is good at playing him but aemond SCARES me so i cant say i enjoy having him on screen. im terrified of everyone dying at his hands every time i see him. he just looks INSANE, unpredictable and ready to slice and dice at any given moment