Hunter x Hunter 104 Reaction

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      1. It’s more that Nen is like the force. Everyone has the Force, and Everyone has Nen. a Musician using nen, is just a musician who is listening to that little voice inside guiding him to find the perfect notes. Some people are just more in touch with that voice. A Nen user is someone so in touch with that voice that they can do other stuff with it.

        1. All creatures have Nen sealed within them but it has to be unlocked either forcefully by another Nen user or gradually by the person. It’s most accurate to say she isn’t using Nen.

  1. “you’re an idiot”

    Not enough Shonen have idiots. Sure, they’ll have Goku esque characters who are ‘dumb’ but actually hyper intelligent in terms of fighting, like Gon. And those characters are great, but when everyone in the world is like that it becomes mundane. Cheetu is an idiot. He makes mistakes, makes dumb assumptions and develops powers that don’t go with what his character is. His logic is sound but doesn’t account for anything beyond surface level. He’s also charismatic and understands when he’s outsmarted and when to leave or stay out of things. He’s a beautiful character we need to see more of.

    1. The use of Nen isnt necessarily an absolute ‘I’m a nen user!’ or ‘Í cannot use nen at all’. During our introduction to Nen, we learn that people who are experts at things such as playing piano, or cooking, tend to actually unknowingly use nen for their craft.

      I believe the best way to describe Nen is as a manifestation of a persons will and resolve. If you pour your whole life and love into a Gungi, you will naturally develop Nen conditioned around Gungi. Thats the thing that makes Nen such a great power system.

      1. Exactly. That’s why objects these masters created have a faint Nen aura. They poured their own life into their works. I think no one will dispute that Komugi is a master of this game, so in some sense, the countless hours she spent honing her game (and the conviction to stake her own life on the game) is even stronger than the training Zushi, Gon, and Killua went through to unlock their Nen.

        I liked that the show remained ambiguous about whether Komugi actually used Nen, because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like her Nen gave her the ability to play the game (implying natural talent trumps all, which would also imply that the King’s superior genetics would allow him to beat her). It’s her resolve and devotion to the game that would eventually manifest as Nen. Nen is merely a sign, not the source of her power.