Hunter x Hunter 105 Reaction

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  1. A little far at points with the nen and Neon had to know a few facts about the people she was writing about I thought. Also Rick keepin them in universe XD

  2. god dammit stop arguing this. a nen contract = self imposed rule. its like a new years resolution. if u keep it ur power is stronger if u dont u get punished based on ur risk u imply on yourself. anyone even non nen users can put a self imposed rule. and yes geniuses and great talents use nen subconsciously. in our world michael jordan would be a person using it without knowledge of it. or Mozart.

  3. Lol how can they be so confused about him tearing his arm off? Sometimes i wounder how much they can take in 🙂 Is there no one that can help them clearfy some parts? remind them how contracts works and tell them why the king ripped his arm off.

  4. I think the King ripped off his arm as an apology.. Komugi’s explanation showed how dedicated and invested she is in Gungi.. and that shamed the King because he was trying to use cheap tricks (the fear and the greed) to disrupt her rhythm while she was being so genuine. I don’t think it had anything to do with any nen contract!

    1. It can’t be an apology, he isn’t there yet about his mental maturity, that comes after. He did it to punish himself for making a mistake, the mistake of not having realized her determination. It’s more related to pride than anything else “how could I, The King, have less resolve than this lowly being?”.