Hunter x Hunter 106 Reaction

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  1. its been over a month. originally they had 9 to 10 days before the king was born but they failed to stop it so the plan changed. the king took over before gon and killua failed the test against knuckle and shoot. then gon had to wait a month before he could join them. knuckle and shoot started helping out before them

  2. This was a very convenient way to get Knov out of the story. His scream ability + Meruem’s God accomplice could one shot any Royal guard (even the king).

    1. True… But you would need to immobilize the king first anyway. I dont think any one of them would be able to exept netero and even then getting between netero and the king would be suicide

  3. Yes, it was Pouf’s! Pitou was still fixing the King’s arm (she has to use all of her aura to use Dr. Blythe). Pouf had volunteered to use his ‘En’ to keep watch while she was busy with that. And just like you said, Pitou’s En covers a larger area, like the whole palace, so this was a very lucky moment for Knov. All of the Royal Guards have vicious, malicious, terrifying aura and Knov expressed that fully here.

  4. If Knov was to put a nuke in one of his rooms and let it explode. What would happen? Because if nothing would happen at least not to the outside world, then Knov to take out 20+ nukes.

  5. Also got to realise that he was in complete zetsu meaning he was completely unguarded against en which is deadly when going against even weak nen users not to mention the royal guard