Hunter x Hunter 107 Reaction

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  1. A very important thing is that Knov was using zetsu when he was exposed to the royal guard’s aura. Kind of like Gon and Killua back when Hisoka was guarding Heaven’s Arena, he was basically exposed to a blizzard. However, the boys were using aura when Pitou attacked, so they had SOME protection. It’s still incredibly impressive to face the aura and want to face it again, but it does explain how it effected Knov way more than other characters, except for Palm who was also using zetsu.

    This episode is great and really elevates Morel to a top tier character and helps show how scary his power is. I really love how characters have their abilities to match their philosophies, like how Gons is straightforward and simple, but also a game and how Killua’s is so painful to show his past or how Bisky believes a fighter can beat a stronger fighter by hiding information and has a really deceptive form. Morel’s philosophy is any fighter can win any fight, hence why his ability is the most adaptable ability in the series.