Hunter x Hunter 108 Reaction

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  1. King Meruem is piccolo when hes training gohan. cause its all survival of the fittest and only the strong can rule but then hes all about senzu beans and juice boxes and taking care of baby gohan

  2. My personal hypothesis is that Mereum unconsciously manipulated the bird.
    1) As a very powerful and untrained specialist nen user, manipulation is an adjacent category that Mereum could easily bleed into
    2) Making those around you feel a certain emotion is a weaker form of manipulation that doesn’t require conditions like physically contacting the subject (See Melody)
    3) It’s easier to manipulate animals than creatures of higher intelligence (See the guy that manipulated dozens of dogs), so even if the Royal guards felt incited to violence, only the eagle would actually on it.
    4) God tier storytelling: It makes the King killing the eagle a literal symbol of him rejecting the ideology of violence he espoused a few minutes before.

  3. The part where Meruem asks the royal guards about his name is one of the coolest moments in the series. It tells you so much about both the king and the guards, as well as having some of the most subtle and blatant development in the series

  4. This was a certified S-tier episode, and will not be the last in this arc. The evolution of Meruem and his relationship with Komugi is a thing of beauty and makes the Chimera Ant arc truly one of the all time greats.

  5. If u guys remember when they were buying Items in the market that had NEN on them, to sell them at a higher price because those items were made by master craftsmen. They learn that people that dedicated their lives to a skill like an artist or craftsmen after time learn to use NEN on their creation without even noticing what they were doing. It’s only the ones that Master NEN use and are using the ability on their eyes to see NEN that notes when others use it but for those that Awaken NEN just get a feeling of something different on their bodies the helps them on what they’re doing like new senses that guide them on what they are doing without realising what is going on.

    1. Beautifully said. Everyone has a dormant nen capability in this show. You don’t have to have use of that nen to be really good at something, but once you master or become even more skilled your nen becomes noticeable to those with the ability to see it. Komugi did not have it before because Meruem and the others would have been able to see it; she “evolved” as Pouf stated.