Hunter x Hunter 11 Reaction

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  1. Well, there you go – it certainly wasn’t hard to predict, but it was still quite the stark reminder of just what a beast Killua is. First, though, we had to get through the second half of Leorio’s match with Leroute. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with just how easily Leorio fell victim to her mind games – first, a little sex and then pure mental domination. Giving up ten hours for the right to see her naked was bad enough, but she completely owned him in their Jan-ken-pon match as well. Though I probably would have done the same. Nevermind. What was interesting about that is that while the psychology behind it might have been a little oversimplified, I correctly predicted what Leorio would throw in every round – so maybe there’s something to all that mumbo-jumbo Leroute, Kurapika and Tonpa were talking about. I also enjoyed the acknowledgement of the obvious – Leorio sure as hell doesn’t look 19. One last thought – I’m not sure Gon quite grasped the strategy of Jan-ken-pon – shouting out advice to Leorio that the opponent can hear is sort of pointless and arguably counterproductive.

    The main event, of course, was Killua’s battle with Johness the Dissector (Matsuyama Takashi). While it was a bit of an anti-climax that it was over so quickly after all the suspense about Killua’s role and Johness’ grand introduction as the worst serial killer in Zaban history (146 kills) and the fact that the prisoner battle took up most of three episodes and was over in a flash, I guess it was necessary to prove a point – that Killua’s level is completely beyond anyone else in his group. Johness and his iron grip were neatly disposed of in a flash, and Killua simply reached into his chest and ripped his heart out. As he points out, seriel killers are rank amateurs compared to him – although his father could have done the deed much more neatly.

    There’s no doubt that the others in the group looked at Killua with quite different eyes after all this, though Gon – even allowing that he knew Killua’s history – seems strangely unbothered. Despite his genki appearance it seems Gon is made of very stern stuff. The fact is, Killua’s nature (just look at the expression on his face when he “returned” Johness’ heart to him) is all the more unsettling because he himself seems totally unaffected by it. All the scenes of he and Gon bantering and playing like any other pair of little boys are rather disturbing in light of what Killua is like, deep inside. Indeed, when the team entered the “waiting room” they went about the business of looking for something to play with as if nothing had happened…