Hunter x Hunter 111 Reaction

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  1. This is one of my favorite hxh episodes ever. His origin and his past with the zoldyks just combined with the old man is a badass trope just are legendary

  2. The ant arc gets incredible slow from this arc. And it’s very polarizing. The meh story parts get really dragged out, but it also produces the best moments of the show, and some of the best anime ever. Overall, fuckin incredible.

    1. Without the parts you call “slow” the impact at the end would not make as much sense and would only be destrimental to the story. I would not call it slow cause it all had its place and you find hidden meanings even at multiple watch throughs. Dragged out to me is when its replaced with overbearing filler that did not need to be in the story which this arc does not have imo, but to each his own c: