Hunter x Hunter 112 Reaction

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  1. once they finish this arc, maybe we can have them react to the youtube video that syncs all the events of the palace invasion in real time, i think the whole invasion is like only 3-4 min

    1. I was about to say the same thing!! I haven’t watched the series in dub until now so idk if 116 will be as impactful as the Japanese VA was. It was one of the best voice acting in the series.

  2. That is what’s great about Hunter X Hunter; The fifth viewing is just as good (if not better for all the little things you pick up on) as the first viewing is. Easily one of the top 5 anime series of all time!!

  3. In the manga, it’s clearly shown that Knuckles’ fist connected AND THEN everyone else seeing it. So, what is shown in the anime is just for dramatics.