Hunter x Hunter 113 Reaction

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    1. It’s more of a different interpretation of the scene. Killua told Ikalgo that friends dont need to thank each other a few eps ago. Saying “I owe you one” could be a thanks or be read as sarcastic like, “You have your job, I have mine, stay on task.” Both are a wake up call but “You owe me one” drives home the “stay focused” angle

  1. Awful mistranslation. Ikalgo said, “I owe you one”. Not the other way around. That doesn’t make sense at all and the VAs didn’t seem to really care enough to correct this either. Thats sad

  2. Lmfao all these weebs getting mad at one translation error like that shit doesn’t happen anywhere else. It’s not even that big of a line in the grand scheme of this arc lol.