Hunter x Hunter 114 Reaction

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  1. This episode is great. Lots of small setup for upcoming episodes (161616161616161616161616161616) as well as some good character building. Hunter x Hunter is still my go to for lots of things going on all at once and it still being interesting.

  2. The question Killua was afraid to ask is a bit of a puzzle to me as well. But apparently, the question in Killua’s mind was whether Gon said “Let’s go” as a friend or did he at that moment just issue Killua a command, to fulfill his revenge on Pitou. In a way it’s very inconsequential but these thoughts were constantly building up inside of Killua.

    I didn’t like the way the King’s line was translated to “take me”. In the sub, he simply said “proceed” and it’s apropos to the situation and with who was saying it. Also Netero explained in the sub why he thought he’s something else instead of just saying he’s something alright.

    And, you guys must have missed and also forgotten that when Knuckle and Shoot were gonna ambush Cheetuh, Flutter who was working for Leol saved Cheetuh. Then Cheetuh went and thank Leol but called him Hagya. Leol said non verbatim, “did you call me that just to piss me off?” This was dropped there very subtly and if you snoozed you lose with HxH.