Hunter x Hunter 116 Reaction

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      1. *I was thinking when watching this. It wasn’t bad, but compared to what I saw in the sub, it doesn’t hold a candle. The Japanese VA was phenomenal. Would definitely recommend they check out the sub in their own time

  1. This episode makes me cringe a little, the va in in this is so meh when in the sub it’s one of the most memorable voice acted scenes in anime period.

  2. The dub was not it on this. I didnt get that same sense of desperation, anger and confusion in gons voice that i did in sub. I also didnt get the same chills and uneasy feeling when gon calmed and became cold and straight to the point.

    1. Pitou can’t use nen right now. Sure she’s tough asf by just being an ant, but a considerably strong nen user is right on her face while she might as well be naked againts his attacks. It’s not that she would die, but one wrong move and she would engage on a confrontation while Komugi is right on the middle of it having surgery. She can’t even leave the room because the Doctor Blythe restriction doesn’t allow her to move 20 meters away from it.

  3. I was more nervous and excited for their reaction than the VA’s performance lol. It was decent but it didn’t linger in the soul like the Japanese VA’s performance did. I mean for me at least. Hopefully they each re-watch the subbed version on their own time and notice the difference in delivery

  4. i also like the sub better but honestly this wasn’t that bad. after 100 episodes i got used to the english va’s and i think they did the best they could do in english. what matters the most is that it still seems to have impacted the guys greatly lol. they were all appropriately gobsmacked and did i see calvin’s eyes tear up near the end or is it just me?

  5. The English translation seemed a bit off too. Gon’s remarks to Killua in the sub were a lot harsher and cold than represented here. Gon’s remarks give massive weight to the still shot of Kilua looking devastated and leaving at the end of the episode.

  6. Megumi Han DELIVERS on this episode so Erica Mendez’s performance ends up pale in comparison. Not bad, just lacking when compared to a stellar performance.

  7. Alot of English voice actors go by the body language and movements of their characters to let them know how much emotion they need to showcase. But Yeahh I agree on the moment.. Sub did a better job portraying the actual pain Gon felt on this episode. But I still prefer English due to the fact that I feel more of a connection with the characters

    1. The sub is way better for HxH, the dub isn’t terrible, but compared to newer anime it is for sure subpar, specially in this episode where the Japanese VA kills it, definitely the best performance.

  8. Should’ve figured comments would all be about how people loathe not having the sub. Good lord people. Regardless, seeing how these reacted to this episode, especially Eric, tells me that come July Eric will need back surgery from the amount of hype he will ascertain. 😉

  9. I get what Eric was trying to say. ‘Roid rage was a fitting comparison, just flying off the handle and going off. I think the guys were just tryin to be difficult and obtuse 😛

    PS. Sub VA put this decent dub to shame. Did yourselves a disservice unfortunately.