Hunter x Hunter 117 Reaction

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  1. ok they said how many more episodes. so i thought from this point on. rick would be the closest i believe with 20 more episodes 25 or 26 goes past this arc i believe

  2. damnit i like math so i cant get it out of my head 117 + 20 is 137. eric said his guess is 136 and arron and calvin 135 but thats not 117 + 26 or 117 + 25. use math dont just throw out numbers. arron said 15 episodes and said he did the math to get to 135 but 117 + 15 is 132 so maybe he rounded up so his makes sense. calvin definitely said 25 plus and eric said 26 to spite arron but failed because arron according to what he said is closer but rick wins, anime experience for the win

    1. No, that’s incorrect. Aaron was doing the math from the supposition that they were in episode 110, so he would actually be closer to being correct, not Rick. On the other hand, Rick was assuming they were talking about from the episode they were watching, which he said 20. Seeing as how they’re in episode 117, that would equal episode 137, which is going over (Aaron and Eric already defined closest without going over, so Rick immediately is disqualified). But tbh, Aaron was doing wonky maths because he mixed up episode 110 with episode 117, so that’s why it was a bit strange. Rick, is close, but not as close as Aaron, Eric, and even Calvin. The Chimera ant arc ends at 136, which if Aaron said he believes it will end at 135, then Eric is the actual winner of that because he said 26, which was one more than Aaron and Calvin. Even if 26 isn’t the correct number, that was from the position that they were still in episode 110, which that is Aaron’s fault on that one. Either way, they said their end numbers, which are: Aaron – 135, Calvin – 135, Eric – 136, Rick – 137. Therefore, Eric is the winner of this guessing game.

  3. When Zeno mentioned time, he was refering to the king stopping time for everyone but himself and it was only when meruem put his head down that time began to flow for everyone else.

    1. Incorrect. He was referring to Netero’s ability. The King didn’t stop time. He doesn’t possess that ability. Otherwise he would have used it when fighting Netero. The moment with a king just FELT like time stopped, because everyone was in anticipation of what the king will do. Once the king moved, the anticipation was gone.