Hunter x Hunter 122 Reaction

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  1. This was good episode with some pretty nice discussion looking forward to seeing them react to the next couple months of episodes. I feel like the discussion will be really good for them,

  2. I love a very specific trading of dialogue in the after discussion. Because 3 people say three different things that all happen as speculation.

  3. This is the problem with the dub in the original netero notes that meruem if left alive could potentially save the planet and make it better for everyone. Hence the wavering in his heart

    1. In the sub on crunchyroll he says pretty much the same as the dub, so unless they say it in the manga(which they could have idk I haven’t read it) you’re just making stuff up.

    2. Nah. The point is that no matter what, King would fall down the same path. If King is more of an ant, he would destroy people for better or worse. If he becomes a human, he would destroy people for better or worse. Netero understands the true nature of humanity and their greed, desires, and penchant for evils. This is not a happy world they live in. If King becomes a human, so what? At the end of the day, it doesn’t change anything. It just makes King one more dictator humanity will fight in order to free themselves. In essence, Netero understands that King is still childish in his thinking because King has not seen the rest of the world or what humanity is capable of. King has only seen one small slice of the world in a small, remote island. Netero knows this and he knows that it’s a losing battle. But he is human and cannot help but be swayed by those words, especially because of his views on the world and the HA.

      1. I think it’s more like Eric suggested. The King could bring about a world of equality. Sure, but all that would be done under the sentiment of him being a dictator. The idea of human freedom would no longer be existent & humanity would ultimately be subjected to becoming a sub-species as opposed to the Apex Predator they are now.
        However, Netero is worried about getting swayed, because he knows what the king is suggesting is ultimately better than the rulers that humanity currently has. The rulers who use their own power for greed.