Hunter x Hunter 124 Reaction

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  1. I forgot how hard the passing is in this, ugh let’s hope we get to the climax of this arc soon. I feel like it’s been a year since we’ve been on chimera ant arc lol

    1. You people really think rushing to the climax is good pacing? Just admit you know shit about story and character development and only want to see a big fight cause it excites your small brain and stop acting like you know what pacing even means

  2. You guys have to make sure to watch episode 131 in japanese cuz as good as the eng dub is, it shows it’s worst in that episode and for all of you that know… we don’t want that

    1. You understand thats never gonna happen, you know the japanese sub so thats the best one to you, these guys have zero connection to the Japanese subs for all things. It’ll be just as good if not better to them hearing it in english

    2. “I know you guys have been doing English only reactions for the past 6 years, but you gotta watch this 1 episode in Japanese to cater to my preferences. I know you’ll do it, right?”

      Probably the goofiest comment I’ve come across on one of their videos tbh lol

        1. Because the dub didn’t exist for those OVAs, you bellend. They’ve repeatedly said no to dubs before but entitled pricks like you just won’t budge.

  3. I don’t understand the hate on the pacing. The story has to slow down so you understand wtf is going on. It is giving important information. Bad pacing is something like the chunin exams from Naruto where the hokage and orochimaru just stand there for 6 episodes and say nothing of importance. These episodes are important for character growth and plot progression