Hunter x Hunter 126 Reaction

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      1. I actually agree. It was hype for all of 10 seconds and then I kinda lost interest because it felt too one sided. Although next episode has one of my favorite moments in the series.

      2. I dont want to refute your own personal feeling about that episode. But HxH was building up towards it, telegraphed it clearly and overall this is how the show and more specifically the author of the series writes conflict and resolutions . If it was any other way I would feel like it would betray shows consistency in characters , themes and overall what hxh is all about .

      3. well that is because its not about the fight anymore its about gon’s mental states which translates perfectly i don’t think you should look for any epic battles in hxh despite the fact that it sometimes has epic fights XD

  1. Meruem was treating this fight like a game and calculating all possible moves his opponent could do, ultimately leading to his victory. He never considered the move of Netero flipping the board. So good.

  2. So cool little thing. Netero losing his right leg and left arm go back to when he played the game with Gon and Killua on the airship. Back in episode seven Killua says he barely uses his right hand and left leg which shows that the king noticed he uses the two he took more.

  3. I am starting to think erin can’t be satisfied. To me this eppisode is the top of what anime can do. I frikkin love this. One of my favourite eppisodes of anime ever

    1. It was a bit odd. This episode already shows normal fight, and also why an entire episode of it wouldn’t work as it’d be the same thing non-stop.

      I get the feeling they sometimes get tripped by the other shounen they watch, which have a far more traditional approach and simply show fight scenes for the sake of showing fight scenes and no deeper reason. Similar to how they don’t quite understand Nen precisely because it’s really simple.

      1. I was a bit lost when he started talking about the still images and he wanted to see actual fight. Those images lasted like 10 seconds and this whole episode was dedicated to single fight without focusing on other characters. So IDK

  4. I agree, if you don’t like this episode, just drop HxH, it’s not for you
    Go watch Baki or my hero or jujutsu kaisen if you want basic shonen stuff with fights and everything

  5. U know this could have been so easy if knov trapped meruem inside his mansion with meleoron’s God’s accomplice and blow up the miniature rose

  6. the Netero v Meruem fight had more and better animation than the vast vast majority of anime fights still so i dont get the complaining. You get the cool art AND amazing animation

  7. I like hunterxhunter and love the lore behind it but never could really enjoy it as much as these guys could, like to me none of these fights never stood out to me except for kurapika vs uvogin or gon v the bomber dude, like these hyped up battles always just kept disappointing me because they never really went all out, they just super contained and felt it could be even better, I don’t know that’s just my opinion and I don’t hate the show it just was underwhelming a lot of times

    1. which was kind of the author’s point with the fights
      he didn’t want to make another power level is everything shonen after he finished Yu Yu Hakusho
      so instead he made one where the characters themselves and how they fight is much more important than their physical strength
      which is quite consistently shown in this episode with the rose
      netero wanted to fight and if he could win he would take that path but he was smart enough to realized that this wasn’t just a fight of his or the kings physical strength so he implemented a countermeasure in the event that he lost, strength didn’t win the fight how netero chose to fight did

  8. It’s pointed out that the bomb is favored by poor dictatorships, meaning no matter how powerful the king was, he was eventually going to be nuked. This was the kings ignorance. which is what netero meant when he said Meruem didn’t understand.