Hunter x Hunter 128 Reaction

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        1. Bro what? This episode in particular shines with the dub, i get comparing the gon scenes, but you could tell the voice actors put their all in this episode

  1. Y’all can’t give the sub and dub comparison a rest for one episode I mean damn this is episode 128. That means they’ve reacted to 127 episodes dubbed already there is no way y’all didn’t know they where going to watch this one dubbed too. If you don’t like it get full length turn the subbed version on and shut up.

  2. This is my most hated episode of HunterxHunter lol this actually made me hate the show and really ruined the rest for me. They did Netero so dirty and just destroyed any cool moment that could have come from this god awful bug arc.

  3. Also I know Blind wave wont see this but Netero himself had told his collogues that he doesn’t even rank in the top 10 of nen users anymore. This was him way out of his prime and he still did this well.

    1. I’m pretty sure knov says he was just being humble, besides he charges for like a month before going into the fight. The netero we see vs the king should be fairly close to his prime.

      1. No its not even close. He himself said that he has half the power he had at a prime. Also said that there is at least 5 stronger hunters. And I don´t know wdm by charging, like nen is inside energy which grows to your peak and then weakening by older age – there is no charging lol

        1. He also says that pitou is stronger than him, but when they meet she posed apparently no threat. It seems pretty clear that he had either regained some strength or was being humble.

          I’m also fairly sure that whatever netero was doing on top of the hill that killua saw would be considered charging.

  4. You guys realize that if you watch any anime subbed first, you won’t feel as strong of a connection to the emotional moments in the dub. Your brain will have a subconscious bias for the original version of the show you watched. anime fans are so fucking braindead sometimes

    1. That statement is verifiably false, This first time I watched FMAB in sub, and though it was a decent anime, then I watched it in the dub and cried multiple times, and it became one of my all time favorites.

  5. Guys, let’s all be honest. This episode was weird regardless of dub or sub version. I’ve seen both versions for the show, and both are good. The scenes of feeding the king and the euphoric joy that followed were just bizarre and somewhat cringey purely as content, regardless of whatever language or caliber of voice acting would be put to it.

    Though if you’re of the opinion there aren’t or hardly any good dubs, please get off your high horse; the VA industry has come so far since the 90s and early 2000s.