Hunter x Hunter 130 Reaction

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    1. It really seemed like majority of the talk had nothing to do with the actual episode. Sometimes I honestly get slightly frustrated when focus is on some plot or power mechanics instead of characters and the direction of episode. But thats just me

  1. Instead of ripping gon’s head off the second she heard komugi was in the clear, she stands still for half an episode simply watching a threat that’s wide open to attack. Definitely my least favorite moment in the series.

    1. Pitou…really does feel bad for Gon, and wants to at least give him closure before killing him. Not everything is about logical battle tactics in this arc, if you think it is you’ve missed the point. For example, how is this worse from Youpi sparing the others entirely?

  2. I can’t believe we’ve been in this arc for the longest time and the show is almost over, and we still haven’t reunited with leorio and kurapika. I feel like this show should be longer ?

    1. It was supposed to continue but the author went back and forth between writing and being on break and has now been on hiatus for the longest of time so the anime had no source material for newer episodes.

  3. Medical hiatus, Iirc. Horikoshi had the carpal tunnel something fierce as I understand it. I know the manga has gone forward at this point so maybe it’ll be possible for the anime to continue on someday. Fairy Tail anime took a couple year breaks. I know this has been a lot longer, but you never know.

    1. I really doubt that we’ll get anymore material of this series from boths its manga or anime. Unless the author gets a different artist to draw the manga panels while he supervising the series, i have no hope for its return. Its been years since he produced a chapter and i cant imagine he’ll start dropping chapter after chapter even he did come back from hiatus.