Hunter x Hunter 131 Reaction

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  1. Gon sacrificed his potential for revenge. Why would he go after the King? His entire goal for his transformation was to exact revenge and punish Pitou

    1. because thats what would happen in 99% of shounens, MC powers up , defeats his enemy and goes for big bad without any consequences . And Aaron sometimes thinks its like any other battle shounen.

      1. Tbh I love Aaron’s different perspective into anime. It shows what people who normally don’t watch anime think during these moments.

        1. I’m sorry that they don’t understand that this show is god’s gift to earth; a super special snowflake of a show that can’t be compared to anything else. Please forgive their ignorance.

      2. he wouldnt win. even if fought pre rose meruem he didnt progress his skills in any way he only gained raw power enough to win based on stats. meruem would still take the dub every time. i do believe that if he actually trained all those years he would 100% crush pre rose meruem but that’s only if meruem didnt train at all.

  2. I was watching this show with you guys all the way up until greed island then I had to wait week by week but I couldn’t so I decided to binge watch the series myself and oh man ever since I seen this episode over a year ago I’ve been dying to see you’re guy’s reaction.

  3. Fun thing to note: The creator of Ju Jutsu Kaisen is a fan of Hunter x Hunter too. The episode where Yuuji Itadori gets mad/fights Mahito and has the black and red art style pays homage to this episode of Hunter x Hunter.

    1. i believe it’s because their editor removed that part until it this episode as the crew could possible figure out about it to some extend

    2. The subs I’ve seen were more accurate than this. You gotta understand in the dub they have to sacrifice translation accuracy just so they can make a scene work sometimes. Geez you just know someone will say some dumb stuff when they go ”uhm actually”

  4. So what Eric was referring to about the Doctor: in Extremis, when 12 was blind, Capaldi borrows sight from his future to see for a little bit and says it’ll have an effect on a flute regeneration of his. However, in that arc we also found out that world was a simulation, so he didn’t actually do that

  5. Your reaction to this was so good it gave me almost the same excitement I got when I watched for the first time about 20 viewings ago. Thanks guys. And just to let you know, the ride isn’t over yet.

  6. Just for the record even at this level Gon is still no where near powerful enough to take on the King. Especially not after absorbing UP’s and Poofs powers.

  7. Eric comparing HxH to Dragonball is actually some of the highest praise a show can get when it comes to him shows just how great this show is.

  8. Gon Changes are due to Nen Restriction. Nen user can place restriction in exchange for power. Gon place restriction to use all his talent and life force to defeat Pitou. After Pitou is defeated, the restriction contract no longer applicable. Gon will not have the power anymore

  9. nen instigated the change, but gon’s body physically changes. Bisky uses nen to manipulate her bodie’s shape. it equires nen to maintain. gon doesn’t require nen to maintain his shape

  10. Same as previously state. Give yourself a treat and rewatch sometime if ya want in Japanese. Gon going off on Pitou while Dr. Blythe works on Komugi and this episde in the ORIGINAL intended Japanese is several levels above this palatable dub. Palatable, no hate, but not legendary like the Japanese acting of Gon in these episodes. You’ll see why people pushed for subs.