Hunter x Hunter 135 Reaction

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  1. Ah, one of the best characters in anime, Meruem defeated by the power of love AND the true malicious depths of humanity whilst still being a complete person. It was a pleasure my good Ant (Please make figures of him, why are the only ones so expensive statues!)

  2. I’m always amazed by this arc everytime I rewatch it. My favorite thing about the writing is how the main villain of the arc and the main character of the anime never met each other and the contrast between Meruem and Gon development, how one of them became more human over time while the other got driven into becoming a monster.

  3. To answer that real Diego bit:

    The King went from someone who ATE CHILDREN to this episode throughout his arc, and most watchers would agree it was earned.

    Why couldn’t Diego have had his own redemption arc? Really, what’s worse: being a dictator or eating children?

  4. The translation is pretty bad on that Diego part in my opinion, but the purpose of it is to show that a human ruler came to the same conclusion that Meruem had come to, appreciating and prioritizing the life and love around him over power.

  5. I think learning his name was also a huge aspect of his change. By the time Netero had told him his name, he had been contemplating his purpose and existence. Wanting to know his name became a desire because it would symbolize that there was more to him than his title and predestination. Knowing his name birthed a quality to him akin to personhood; it gave him an identity that did not hinge on the ability to subjugate others, but one that could empathize with what it means to be a living being with agency. It’s one of the reasons why introducing ourselves is the first thing we do when we meet someone new. It is a gesture that beckons the other living being to acknowledge that a stranger has a history, a family, friends, talents, weaknesses, failures and triumphs just like them. In that moment of introductions, they live together and exchange small but powerful pieces of our worlds – no, their existence – their names. When we consider that Komugi was the one that first asked Meruem his name and gave him that first shock of self-evaluation, and so too was Netero the one that told him his name, we see that it was both of them that caused his change. I believe Netero understood all of this which is why he played that card. Gives a whole new meaning to “My name, is my name.” – Marlo Stanfield

  6. Meruem’s character development is spectacular and just super well done, my man went from killing whatever he sees to bowing down to humans

    And also what makes his development amazing is that all it took was just one frail girl to change him

  7. To me, what tips Meruem over is Welfin reminding him of Komugi’s name. Realizing what was missing and what matters. Having the most important thing just under your eyes, you may not realize how important it is but lose it for a time then find it again and you will never let it go another time.

  8. I don’t think Gon would want to live his final moments with a friend like the King. He is too much like his father. What matters to him in friendship is making new friends and sharing a part of the way with them but a goal and moving forward along his path is what gives him purpose. If he knew he had 2 days lo live, he would spend them looking for his dad or something else after that. Keep reaching for what he cannot grab until the final moment. If his friends are at his side then, it is even better but he would not just enjoy a meal or fishing without walking forward towards a goal.