Hunter x Hunter 136 Reaction

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  1. Lmao y’all are the only reactors I’ve watched that will focus on and talk about really unimportant things In the show. The whole soul discussion was weird since I feel like the show explicitly states multiple times that these people are just reincarnated into an ants body so I don’t understand what Eric was so hung up about especially after everything we’ve seen in this show.

  2. Dear lord Eric. Just accept Kite being Kite in a new body, Reina is Reina in a new body. Same with Colt. The show has told us they are who they are. Man is still not satisfied ?

    1. There’s debate about it tho. Eric is fine with the story saying all of that, but is just stating that there’s equal reason to believe these are new characters. Sure, Reina seems the same as she was, but Colt is a completely different character from birth than he was as Kurt. Saying he’s the ‘same’ person is ignoring all the added humans and animals that went into him. There’s also characters like Meruem who are an amalgamation of humans but solely his own being. So if memories are all that matters to your identity, than the story contradicts itself with Bloster who is identified despite having no memories. So the only explanation is the characters having a soul, which Eric is simply unsure is actually the reason. Saying ‘the show says so’ is a dumb argument against it when he says multiple times he’s fine with that, the same way he’s fine with a clone being fit into the original’s old life despite the fact it is not the original and may be missing key features of the original.

  3. Blindwave’s journey throughout the series:

    Episode 1: “Hey this show is called Hunter X Hunter and it’s supposed to be fun.”

    Episode 136: “Is the soul real?”

  4. So for me:

    Colt is Colt, but he is not Kurt as Colt actually doesn’t have memory of Kurt and only inherit some personality of Kurt (especially his dedication to someone that he loves),
    Reina is Reina and Kite is Kite because all of them have the complete memory when they were in their orinigal body, have the same personality, and they identify themselves as Reina.

    Irrespective of the concept of soul, the show uses the concept of self-identification and possession of memory and personality to determine oneself’s identity, as shown by the title of this episode (if we see this as enough proof that this is the concept that Togashi is going for)

    Very interesting discussion anyway hahahahahaaaa

    Anyway, Gon didn’t want to hear information about his mom. Ging asked in the tape, “Do you want to know about your mom”. He stopped the tape and it erased itself. Killua asked “are you sure?” and Gon answered “Yes. I only know Aunt Mito up until now, so I am content to have Aunt Mito as my mother figure” (the wording is not exactly like this, but the point stays the same. It was Kite who wanted to let Gon know about the whereabout of Ging, but Gon refused and argued that he wants to find Ging by himself.

  5. I feel like Eric is being stubborn about this lol i feel like the show is clear that the person reincarnated in the ants body regardless how sense it actually makes (its an anime with magic so who cares)

  6. The fact that not all the ants remember their past, and for the ants that do have memories, each one remembers a different amount leads credence to the idea that they are indeed the individual reborn from death and are not simply mere clones with memories.

  7. The difference between this and having a clone is: in one, you copy and paste a file into another folder while in the other, you cut and paste a file in a new folder

  8. it’s like the amnesia argument. if you lose all your memories permanently, are you still the same person or is your previous “you” dead and you are a new being.

  9. eric is going way to deeply into this… they dont show it in the anime but Gyro is 100% alive and we are told that once he got born as an ant that he just walked out and went to start his gang again. for stuff that is actually in the anime… we know this is kite if ever so slightly different but it is kite

  10. Eric is fine. The series very well can later go into the idea that souls don’t exist. Ants are just beings who take different levels of the victims brain wiring. Frogs and Lions have souls in HxH?

    It’s no different than the discussion on when clones, Cyborgs, a person turned into an A.I., or a modified person stops being the original. It’s a philosophical discussion older than this series. You’re also all talking with knowledge he does not as of this episode.

  11. Pitou tells the king that the brain is the best part of the human to eat. we also see her do brain surgery on a human. my theory is that after failing to ressurect kyte, she fed his brain to the queen. thus resulting in baby girl kyte, who is also meruems twin

  12. Obtuse was the correct characterization of Eric given by the rest of the squad. Being obtuse isn’t a compliment, especially in this case.

  13. Jesus christ, the show literally says “I am Kite”, “I am…” etc. etc etc.

    Never like seeing smart people acting dumb af. Frustrating to listen to a person argue against what the anime/mange’s narrative LITERALLY spells out. They told you over and over again in the show brother. lmao. Accept it. It ain’t that deep.