Hunter x Hunter 138 Reaction

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  1. Alluka is the youngest daughter of the family and the youngest son that Illumi wants to kill. Alluka is another character with sort of an undefined gender in the show, similar to Neferpitou being referred to by both genders of pronouns.

  2. There are no daughters in the Zoldyck family. Many audiences theorize that Alluka identifies as female even tho she is biologically male. Only Killua seems to respect and acknowledge this so he is the only person in the family who refer to her as a female. That’s why everyone else call’s her their son/brother.

  3. As for Alluka’s gender, it’s never really been confirmed what her gender at birth was. A lot of theories have sprouted up in the west because the Zoldyck’s call her “him” while Killua says “her”. In the original Japanese Killua says “her” but his family uses a gender neutral pronoun that doesn’t really translated well to english, basically just “younger sibling” while the butler’s basically say “young master”. Alluka’s whole gender identity has never been clarified. Within the context of the dub, the translators have given her a female identity that his stubborn family doesn’t seem to accept, but it’s really open to interpretation.

  4. The main reason Illumi brought in a new maid to meet Alluka’s demands is the due to the stipulation that “you and the person you love most will die”. The 67 people that died were people all connected to the new maid, so the wish essentially killed the 67 people that she loved the most. If someone who was familiar with the Zoldyck family had been used instead, there’s a high chance that all the Butlers and the Zoldycks would have been killed when the demands weren’t met.

    1. As HollowAvarice already pointed it out in better detail, it’s never really confirmed what the case is, and it’s a subject of much debating.

      I’m of the opinion that Alluka goes by female pronounce and is biologically male, however both interpretations paint the same picture and get the same point across- The Zoldycs don’t respect/accept Alluka and Killua does; Wether it be Alluka’s real gender as a person and not an object that doesn’t belong to the “siblings”(hence they are “all” male), or be it Alluka’s wishes to have a certain pronoun and be identified a certain way and not “he/it”.

      either way the central message is intact and I think araki played it vague on purpose while also making the point of the dynamic clear for everyone. (every single interaction and dialogue- including the zeppelin scene with killua and morel, lends itself for both interpretations.)

  5. Biscuit is Wings master, not Netero.
    In greed island, Biscuit explains that Wing was her student after she first meets the boys and before she starts training them.

    Just a note, Biscuit is a double star hunter. When becoming a double star hunter, one of the requirements is to have a student that becomes a single star hunter. Because of this, it is assumed she has had many students of her many years, and some have moved on to be quite successful hunters.