Hunter x Hunter 147 Reaction

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  1. Aaaahhhhh.. one more episode left. I should REALLY check out the manga.. who knows if Hunter x Hunter will ever come back to continue the story. But anyway, great series, it’s been a lot of fun re-watching HxH with Blind Wave. I’m glad they enjoyed it

  2. … Sad to see it end. And it hurts more as a manga fan to be reminded that this story will probably never be finished. (Seriously its been 9 years since the end of the election arc in the manga and we still haven’t even finished the next arc. Hell its been over two years since the last chapter dropped.) I think this was a great ending point to the series though. Ends on such a high note. Glad these guys enjoyed it.

  3. God, it’s been years since you all started. It’s been a journey and it’s almost over, it’s so sad. Hunter x Hunter is my favorite manga and anime since 2004, it holds a huge, huge place in my heart, and seeing yall enjoy it so much, it was almost like seeing it for the first time again (even though I’ve seen it probs 10 times). This is so bittersweet, I can’t believe it’s almost over. I’m genuinely happy you watched this 1 ep a week.
    You four are my favorite reactors ?? I’ve been subscribed for years and years, and I really appreciate you guys.

  4. Earlier in the show, Gon asked Killua what he wanted to do with his life and Killua didn’t have an answer. he told gon he would follow him around until he figured it out. Now Killua has a purpose and Gon is happy for him