Hunter x Hunter 80 Reaction

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  1. I remember this episode very clearly. Im not sure why, but this kill is one of very few in anime that has ever shook me to my core. i guess its probably because i didnt see it coming. the show has had plenty of dark moments, but the majority of the time, there was
    ample buildup to said moment, or it happened off screen like with the kids being eaten. But something about her death happening like it did just right there on the screen really got to me.

    1. I just registered only to say, I agree. I watched the chimera arch weekly as they came out back in the day, and it f*cked me up so bad I’m only now re watching it, and it’s through here! I’m using Blind Wave as a buffer! Oh, I’ve seen HxX original in the meantime, and I was relieved that it ended when it did.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s superb storytelling, but it’s also the sharpest turn I’ve seen a show take.