Hunter x Hunter 94 Reaction

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  1. to be fair if moms took their sons out on lil dates and reverse for dads and daughters maybe people could learn how to date better. cute lil this is how people casually spend time. lets go shopping watch a movie and eat dinner and have manners learn to conversate. good way to teach kids how to date and to bond with family. i love when my mom asks me to have lunch with her after moving out. she was strict mom before but then u kinda miss ur mom when u move out. and it could be good therapy for adults u get to be in charge of ur life unless an accident happens it feels good to just have a lil control. plan a good date and u feel good if it goes well, but dont be scared of screw ups just roll with it. gon is good at handling people because he learned from experience. interacting with people is the only way to know someone. people as a mob are stupid, but a person can be all sorts of things