Inside Out Movie Reaction

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  1. I found it very surprising how deep this movie went and it really opened up interesting and important conversations. Even when you’re an adult how often do you try to push down sadness and try to cover it with joy?

  2. Regardless of what everyone thinks about this movie, I absolutely loved it. This film had amazing animation, gorgeous music, and fantastic storytelling. I cry almost every time I watch Inside Out. It does show some lessons that it’s ok to let emotions take over in the deepest, darkest, and hardest of times of our lives. In the words of a great YouTube critic: In order for you to not like this movie, you have to have no emotions. My favorite Pixar film in recent years!

  3. i think theres a lot of memories that are forever truly forgotten. like mundane ones like going to the bathroom or drinking a glass of water or something that theres absolutely no reason to remember.

  4. The reasoning behind the emotions being what they are is based on the psychological theory of the 6 basic emotions (idk why surprise was left out). As people grow up (speaking of neurotypical people), they develop complex emotions (ie the mixed marbles), but kids can only express one at a time, (its why they seem so over the top, it’s all they feel).

  5. now i’ve fully seen the film: still dont like it. the main two characters (joy and sadness) are totally unlikable. one’s a bully and one’s a loser. NO THANKS. i did like bing bong and the concept but other properties that came before did it better. herman’s head, the comic shrugged, etc etc

  6. Rick at the end of the day, they still need this to be kid friendly. I don’t think they’d do a darker version of this. But maybe one with a different rating. I think this was perfect they could still do some powerful scenes and moments and still be a fun movie. Kinda harder to do if the kid had abusive parents. But maybe they can find away to make it lighter without dumbing it down.