Invincible 1×1 Reaction

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  1. This is such great timing because I just finished watching all episodes the other day and I was about to suggest you guys watch it but to my surprise, it was already on your list! So hell yeah, I so look forward to watching all your reactions on this series. <3

  2. I dropped the show when I noticed they changed a blonde white girl in the comic to a black woman. I’m not going to give anyone that does that shit my time or money.

    1. That is the most pathetic reason to ever drop anything I’ve ever heard. Honestly they don’t do anything with her race being at all important so you basically did the equivalent of dropping the show becuase someone’s costume design was slightly different.

      1. I might agree if the race was central to the character, or served to somehow make the character worse, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Race isn’t as important as story in my opinion.

  3. omni man is so evil from jump. i mean look at him! that mustache! that smug face! the way he speaks (and dont speak). and when he is talking to mark, its very coded. “earth’s SOLE protector” “sometimes you have to do things you dont want to do but you HAVE to do them. can you do it?” and all the other speeches he gave him. plus the way he snapped at deborah…….just dont get the way he was weird/negative about mark getting powers. maybe that caused him to move up his time table cause he could have just let darkwing day of natural causes at the opening battle, which was before mark got his powers