Invincible 1×6 Reaction

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  1. Aaron has the dumbest theories of all time, I swear to god lmao. It infuriates me to no end that he actually manages to guess a few things right every now and then lol

  2. The mustard silliness must be a Chicago/East Coast thing. Everyone else in this country puts ketchup on their hot dog and the elitist need to accept it.

  3. just mustard on anything is gross. ketchup is the majority/primary. i can do without mustard but cant do without kethup (hot dog, sausage, cheese burger)

  4. exactly! thats why i vibe with eric. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE! if you cant tell the person the truth BE SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not that deep. you got a world to protect and a best gay bud. you so dont have time for this teen drema!

  5. Atomic Eve’s power is to rearrange atoms on a molecular level i think she said that in the previous episode with that power she can do anything, and if you watch all the parts with monster girl and robot again i think you should get what robot wants from monster girl

  6. Weak! our hotdogs here in the Philippines have ketchup, mayo, and mustard. :)) Sometimes I order a hotdog in a bun with those three on it or sometimes it’s just ketchup and mustard or ketchup and mayo but ketchup is never off as a condiment on my hotdog preference. :)))

  7. Damn that Sinclair is a hell of a surgeon seems a bit much to think he did that many modifications on Rick in the time he was gone

  8. I can’t remember if they made reference to it earlier but when they were looking over the voice actors for the characters I wondered if they knew that the school principal Winslow was voiced by Reginald VelJohnson (Carl Winslow from Family Matters)

  9. Honestly I don’t get the hate for amber people act like mark is entitled to her because he helps people which isn’t even a Good arguement since he keeps fucking up at this point in the story most of the people he saves he injures also give one example where the here doesn’t tell the love interest and that becomes a positive the villains always just find out anyways and the damsel doesn’t know to tell their partner because they don’t know if they’re super-powered its always dumb

  10. Purely mustard on a hotdog is weird, also lol “they have similar human lifespan” and since they already watched the episode there is no spoiler or hint, just funny.

  11. Aaron’s right, ketchup is a condiment for fries only, mustard is the only hot dog must. if you’re feeling a tomato flavor just put tomato slices in the hotdog, ketchup just spoils the whole dog.