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  1. Thank you for being understanding towards Amber. I’ve seen too many reactors just decide she’s trash without caring about her side of things.

    1. My only problem with her is she knew he was invincible at the college attack. She knew he ran off to change into his costume to come back and save Willam, Steve, and her. But she pretended to think he was a coward who abandoned his friends. He lied to her because he’s a new superhero and didn’t know when he should tell her. She lied to him to make him feel like a horrible person because she was mad. I had no problem with her actions till this episode when I found out she knew. She should have told him she knew when she found out and they could have talked it over. Robert Kirkman has said when he wrote invincible he was churning out stories as he was broke and about to lose his house. It seems to me he never intended to have amber always knew he was a superhero till after they broke up but did it for the sake of the twist to sell comics. But in the canon of the comics and show, Amber gas lighted Mark with the intent to make him feel bad for lying to her. Mark maybe have been in the wrong. But so was Amber. They are as bad as each other in my eyes.

      1. Still better than the alternative. Where the hero revels who they are and now suddenly all their problems are solved, only for that character to then be used only as the damsel in distress from that point forward. I’d much rather have this than THAT any day.

      2. Have you read the comics recently?
        The way Amber is handled in them is entirely different and she doesn’t find out Mark is Invincible until he uses his powers in front of her because he gets called away when he’s just about to tell her and they still end up talking it out in the same night.
        She does forgive him for him abandoning her to fight the cyborgs and legitimately didn’t know he was Invincible then, which is why she gets mad at him then.
        The reason for their eventual break-up is still how neglectful he is but it happens way after she finds out and Mark is the one who initiates it because he realizes how unfairly he’s treating her.

      3. She’s actually understanding in the comic? She thinks mark is selling drugs and not a superhero, and when he tells her she’s understanding

      1. Omg I swear, all Arron ever does is blurt out “what!? whatwasthat?! whoisthat?” in all his recent reactions. Just constantly. He also just repeats things characters have just said on screen eg. Cecil: “where gonna get Hail Mary out of the ice box” Arron: “Get hail mary out of the ice box!?” Cecil: “Feed her this” Arron: “Feed her what!?”

        This just constantly!

        And he can’t seem to handle somber or sad moments either. Whenever theres silence or something sad happens, Arron has to start talking about some random topic like the proper way to hold a blade or cheesesticks or somthing.

      1. And to be fair, guys will always swallow their pain in favor of pride, and dive headfirst into every dick measuring contest. No gender is without their stereotypical onscreen faults.

  2. The Amber/Mark argument is a slippery slope. She has a valid point that Mark lied to her for months and Eve did say if he’s serious about Amber, he needs to tell her the truth. Ok fine. Mark has a valid point too. It’s a secret identity you gotta be super careful with and you can’t just tell “anybody”. However, when Amber revealed she knew the truth for weeks, meaning she knew during that college trip cuz it just happened, and still accused him of leaving her behind to fend for herself when she actually knew he’s Invincible and didn’t actually leave them hanging? She lost me there in the argument. It’s a dumb reason to stay mad. And she still hung around anyway despite being tired of his bullshit ?.. like I said, slippery slope

    1. Show Amber’s really one of the latest examples of a toxic, manipulative partner that the writers somehow want you to feel bad for. It’d be one thing if she didn’t know and then decided it wasn’t enough of a justification for her to continue a relationship, but the fact that she’s known for as long as she has and instead of confronting him about it immediately, continued to act oblivious and try to manipulate Mark into admitting a personal secret of his. If it really bothered her that much she should’ve just asked if he was a superhero and used that to see if he trusted her, rather than hoping he would know to answer a question she hadn’t asked. She literally started off the relationship using blackmail on someone utilizing past secrets they didn’t want to get out, how tf would you want to trust someone like that with any serious secret? Especially only after a few months of a high school relationship. She’s the type of person to be mad that you wouldn’t break a NDA for her.

      1. I don’t think the writers want us to feel bad for her, it seems to me they made her that way on purpose so that they’re eventual break up and Mark going to Eve is all the more satisfying to us.

  3. Nah I don’t really care. Amber is annoying because she was crying about how Mark left them just so he could escape. But she knew all this time.

    1. She was being like that to see if Mark would tell her the truth, she had every right to feel that way. She felt as if Mark was lying to her, which he was.

      1. I have a theory that Amber knew Mark was a superhero. But she didn’t know that Mark was Invincible.

        Think about it – first, when Amber saw Invincible leave the battlefield at the university(Episode 6). She asked, “Who was that?” If she knew, who was this circus for? For William? Perhaps. In that case, she wanted to know if William knew. And he said so at once – “It was M….. vincible,” if she already knew, it was further evidence of a lack of trust – he had told his friend, but not her.

        But I still think that Amber knew that Mark was super, but didn’t know which one.

        Think about it.

        IIn this world, heroes don’t wear masks at all and no one sees that as a problem. Mark himself studied with Eve for several years and knew about their team, but only put 2+2 together when he found himself next to her on that battlefield.

        Omni-Man doesn’t wear a mask, but no one in the world knows his identity.

        In episode 8, Eva tells her friends that she is a super hero. The reaction? She’s confused with Kate, and they don’t look alike in appearance or abilities.

        So the outburst at the university makes sense, and at home she didn’t care anymore.

      2. You’re not wrong, but also Amber lied to Mark as well. She knew he was Invincible this whole time and said nothing. If she was really so bothered by it, she should have just told him that she knew in the first place instead of trying to do some weird lying, gaslighting shit. Don’t pretend Mark is the only one in the wrong here and that Amber is some innocent victim angel – she’s not. She’s just as bad.

      3. Nah I feel like the writers are just trying to make you feel bad for her. She literally knew he was a superhero. He almost died and missed the homeless shelter thing and she said she would give him another chance? Another chance for what though? Eve even told her he got hit by a bus and she was still mad at him! Personally, her getting mad at him kinda shows that she doesn’t understand what he’s going through.

  4. Such a crazy episode! I’m impressed, you’re probably the first reactors I’ve seen that didn’t immediately hate on Amber. I would have understood if you thought that her blowing up at Mark in episode 6 made no sense, I still feel that way. But most reactors take it way too far an jump on a big old Amber hate train.

      1. I straight disagree, she is a bad person overall. I am sick of people being like “YoU lIeD tO hEr”

        He did it for a reason, the more people who know your identity always and I mean ALWAYS leads to bad things being possible for them. She knew and still chose to give him shit and it just gets worse trust me on that

        I will always tell people to check longbeachgriffeys parody on YouTube because it’s true.

  5. Amber is the worst. She knew he was invincible at college and still yelled at him saying he abandoned them. Which is insane. Also that’s an enormous secret and they have only been dating a few months. She’s not entitled to know all his secrets immediately. He’s allowed to have his own life. Worst part of the show.

  6. Amber also wasn’t even into Mark until she thought him and Eve were dating at first. And she blackmailed a guy to give Mark her number , instead of coming straight to him. She is very manipulative and only cares about getting what she wants … I doubt she has told Mark all her skeletons in her closet after 5 months. Nah man she is toxic as hell. No one wants an ex like her knowing you’re secret identity let alone your secrets in general.

    1. Nonsense.

      Amber became interested when she found out that Tod beat him a second time. She saw Mark leaving school with Eva and asked William if they were dating. After that, she found dirt on Tod and gave him her number as well.

      I don’t understand why you people try to make bully protection look like something bad and why you twist things around.

    1. Thank you!

      For some reason people can forgive the destruction of an entire race (Martians) because of Mark, but they cannot forgive the emotional outburst of a teenage girl.

  7. fuck Amber. you dont get to decide when someone is ready to trust her getting mad at him when she knew the whole time is just being a bitch you argued knowing the answer. but i also blame Mark dumbass shouldve dumped her long time ago

    1. I think you’re confused. Amber left Mark because of the constant lies in their relationship. On the first date she said “Honest man, I like that.” After a minute Mark lies to her that he has some business he promised.

      Meeting his parents, “I don’t feel like I’m important to you, I’ve had this experience before and I’m not going to do it again.” Mark vows to do better, but instead of keeping his promise? Goes off to fight criminals and from there to the hospital.

      And why does she end up dumping him? Because of the lie. This is the third time she’s given him another chance. He disappears again during university, she asks where he went and he lies again.

      Mark knew what kind of person he was dating, he also knew how much pain he was causing her with his behavior. But he decided to put it off every time, simply because he wasn’t sure how serious their relationship was.

      My point is that Amber tried to break up with him over and over again. Mark promised each time to make it right. He didn’t keep his promise. He’s a liar.

      I love Mark, but as William said – “You got what you deserved, sorry not sorry.”

  8. of course the black WOMAN is the one to blame, not the white man who is a LIAR. so sad yall all relate to a LIAR. the evil of humans. gross! yall are sick and need BUDDHA LIKE YESTERDAY! DO BETTER!

    1. I mean no one else brought up race but go off I guess and just so you know in the comics Amber is a white blonde not a black woman. Also I’m not sure but I believe they made Debbie and Mark Asian in the show as well though its not confirmed.

    2. Amber lied too though? And in the comics she has the exact same thing happen and she’s not black in that, and majority of people still dislike this moment with her. Weird comment.

  9. I’m on Amber side too (Although I love Mark, the situation is more gray than black and white).

    It’s not hard to understand why she leaves him. Some people are trying to make this conflict look like she said: “You put saving people before our relationship,” when really the three reasons given were “You lie to me, you don’t trust me, and you made me feel unimportant.”

    When your boyfriend is half a year late at best and usually doesn’t show up at all for events that are important to you, it will make you feel like your partner doesn’t appreciate you. Like the old saying goes, “If your friend isn’t with you, he’s got more important things to do.

    In this case, Mark does have a good excuse for absence. But Amber doesn’t blame him for leaving her. The quote is, “You made me feel unimportant.” And she’s understandable, since the fact that he’s a super hero has been found out recently, and before that we have what we have.

    In fact, Amber is almost a saint for that. If my girlfriend skipped our dates and then lied to my face about the reasons why, I would dump her after maybe the 3rd time.
    Amber was patient for half a year(5 months) and tried to dump Mark many times. But Mark promised each time that he would get better and each time he broke his promise.
    That is the lie. He knew that the only thing that could save their relationship was honesty, and yet he dragged it out until it was too late.

    No matter how people want to turn the situation around, in the end who you tell your secret identity to is a matter of trust. And if in 5 months Mark wasn’t ready to trust that secret to the girl he loves, she has the right to think she isn’t trusted and dump him.

    People could argue that he had important reasons for not showing up – Bullshit.
    The meeting with her parents was interrupted by the meteor stoppage, essentially a training session with his father. He could have rescheduled(I’m sure his father could have thrown the meteor away and then steered it toward the Earth again, or just kept it around for training.) or asked him to handle it himself. But he chose otherwise.

    The second time(helping the poor)-he fought the boss, but couldn’t he have moved it to the next day? The Titan didn’t rush anywhere, and Mark could have chosen Amber, and while it wasn’t his fault that there were opponents he couldn’t handle, he still didn’t choose Amber.

    Of course, Amber didn’t know all this, but it explains why Mark himself knows he’s wrong (“I was a terrible boyfriend”), and his friends aren’t on his side either.

  10. Facts on Ambers thought process:
    1. Know your BF is a superhero saving lives for weeks
    2. Know that if he ever chooses innocent lives over being with you, you’re going to dump him
    3. Know that even though you already know he’s lying to you, wait for him to save innocent lives and lie to you again, then you’re going to dump him
    4. Stare at your watch and wait for steps 2-3 to happen because your bf is the hero humanity deserves
    5. In the meantime go to a party and flirt with some dude and make you BF so distracted that Williams “BF” gets turned into a fucking cyborg
    6. After your BF bravely reveals his secret identity to you, you don’t give a shit because of step 1
    7. After your BF has the his entire reality crumble around him, and his father, the man your BF idolizes more than anyone, beats him within an inch of his life, you’re going to compare him lying to you about his secret identity, to his father lying to him about being a race conquering murderer.

    None of this is hyperbole. This is legit how Amber handled every situation. I agree that Mark should not have strung her along, but the dude gets his 1st GF the same time he gets godly superpowers? give the man a break.

    1. I LOATHED Amber’s character, but I LOVED Amber’s characterisation, specifically because I could believe that a certain kind of eighteen (seventeen?) year old might behave in precisely this kind of trashy manner. I’ve known teenagers and adults whose thought processes were just like hers. The way she gaslights Mark is straight up ABUSIVE, but then, people are like that. She’s gross in a totally mundane, plausible way.

  11. There is a way to make Amber’s side believable even though it could be irrational. Katara had a similar thing with her father during season 3 she was mad him for having been gone for years even though she knew he went to go help in the war. She knew what it meant for him to leave his kids, and knew it was for good but it still didn’t stop her from being alone and afraid for his sake. And it came out in anger because she couldn’t control how complex those emotions were. Amber’s just comes off as a bitch despite claiming to be understanding of the situation its just her dialogue is so poorly done in those scenes it doesn’t land in that zone of I understand but I can’t help but feel confused and I can’t be with you because It still hurts to be like this. But also FuckAmbergang2021

  12. Lmao I wish I could see a recording of whoever the moron was that decided to have them say “We are the Flash” (prob the same person who said he power of their love is stronger than the speed force :(.

  13. Its not an easy thing to tell a person your hero secret generally cause it often doesn’t work out well. Not every girl can be Mary Jane or Betty Ross. The better idea is a person is also a hero they are dating and Mark is getting too much flack because he doesn’t have a plan. If he told her and she knew a person really bad villain wise could come after Amber and kill her. Amber is a bit impatient cause if she knew then he had a good reason.

  14. Another thing about Amber is she became more interested once she saw him with Eve and she never really liked Eve being around Mark and she knew stuff she didn’t. That’s what it came to. She knew he was a hero but assumed he was with Eve I think. And while all the times he was with Amber did he ever once look at her like he first looked at Eve.

  15. Everyone is downplaying the guardians when they managed to push him to the brink of death red rush caused eternal bleeding in an instant and omni man’s body is so durable it can tank flying through and bombing a planets surface as well as being able to handle traveling at light speed red rush and the other guardians like war woman and immortal were strong thats why omni man surprised them