Invincible 1×8 Reaction

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  1. Do yall think if mark never got powers omni man would’ve just waited for mark and debbie to die like he said he has thousands of years, like 70- 100 years wouldn’t have really mattered as pitch meeting would say barely an inconvenience, and that’s why he said he wished mark never got his powers, but since mark did get powers he felt like he had to act now starting his plan, killing the guardians and he could either get mark to join him or kill him before he got too strong

      1. Idk, if he had the choice to wait then he could have just waited that long to kill the gradians, I think Omni man wanted Debbie and Mark to be on his side from the beginning

    1. That was his plan, he was having a good time on earth, so he hoped Mark would never get his powers andhe could just wait it out and live happy. That’s why in episode 1 we see him get upset when Mark tells him he got his powers and debbie kicks him so he would react like he was happy.

  2. Having read ahead through the comics, I cannot wait for the later seasons of this show, this amazing season will feel so lame compared to later archs animated and with this incredible cast.

  3. Nolan can’t go back to Viltrum. They’d probably kill him
    Because they would see him as week since he couldn’t stay at earth. So he probably went somewhere else

  4. Family Matters is the name of the first volume. the Principle in the comic is also Reginald VelJohnson. It is really cool they got him to keep the gag, and make it extra meta.