Jojo Rabbit Movie Reaction

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  1. Stephen Merchant did visit because they caught the mom. That’s why Sam Rockwell’s character shows up with the mom’s bike in a hurry. He was trying to get there before the Gestapo.

  2. Great movie! I got so excited when you guys said you knew nothing about the premise, knowing the ride you were about to take, lol.
    Unrelated, you need to put The Magicians on the reaction roster, that is all, good day.

  3. Such a good movie, with a phenomenal cast. And yay, I cried my eyes out *again* for both the mother moment as well as Sam Rockwell… ? (Honestly, I thought it was really fun to see ScarJo in something like this. Very different for her.)

  4. I’m so happy you guys reacted to this movie! Even better because you knew almost nothing about the story.
    Of course the whole cast was amazing, but THE KIDS were soooo good. Also, it’s funny how everybody compares Yorki to Nick Frost (and Jojo to Simon Pegg hah).

  5. I’m glad you guys finally saw it. It’s one of the best satires ever made. Perfect blend of humor and drama. I haven’t both laughed and cried as much during one movie before. I’m not surprised Eric loved it!

  6. Really like the idea that not taking an ideology seriously robs it of it’s power, making fun of how rediculous it is. Especially if you aren’t in a position to defy it directly. It’s why blasphemy laws exist and why less divine dictators hate being made fun of more than anything else, like xinnie the pooh.