Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie Reaction

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    1. First off it’s Geto not Gato, secondly they literally recognized him immediately, thirdly your spelling and grammar are godawful, so figure that out before questioning other people’s knowledge.

  1. Love this movie for the moments but it was pretty weak story wise, just felt like some jumbled together moments of an arc with a set piece at the end. The characters we knew from season 1 didn’t feel like they grew or changed much from this point on due to the experience of knowing yuta at all, so I wish they had other new characters or had handled them differently so that we could feel like these events held some significance in the characters minds. The “Pure Love” moment near the end gets me every time though, truly the most classic of anime powerups

  2. In jujutsu kaisen the show, we are told the strongest student at jujutsu high is away for some reason, that student is indeed yuta as we see in the prequel here, and miguel was just paid by geto to fight for his cause, not neccasarily did he agree with geto so it makes sense why they would send yuta with miguel away to have him teach yuta more about curses and cursed energy. Im assuming yuta will make an entrance in jujutsu kaisen season 2, which made me really happy that you watched this movie before season 2 comes out so you learn all of yutas backstory.