Jujutsu Kaisen 1×1 Reaction

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  1. Dub is not so bad! I thought it will be worse. English one is usually worse than Japanese, but that is something common to be honest. And really, its not so bad!

    1. Same. If I’m not mistaken, they might recognize some voices from some recent shows they’ve watched I think… I’m pretty sure but as I type this I’m doubting myself lol.

      1. You are right! Gojou sensei is dubbed in English version by Kaiji Tang and he is also Archer in Fate Unlimited Blade Works. And also some voices in On Punch men and Mob Psycho (checked on google).

        1. Yay! Ok I second guessed myself because the internet is not forgiving, but I did recognize Kaiji Tang’s voice pretty quickly. Also one or two VAs from Demon Slayer maybe? But yes thank you for checking! I watch both versions a lot so my ears kind of perk up.

  2. jk for you, real talk for me. never heard of it. my anime begins and ends with sailor moon era. anything after that = im an adult so no not really into animation like that anymore

    1. LOOOL yes because your an adult you cant enjoy the animation. That literally makes 0 sense. You’re either an old head or you’re stuck in the early 2000’s. Sucks for you, you miss out on a lot because your too “adult” wait till they get to the part where a character rips his own heart of his chest or where the characters body near getting disengaged by one of the villain’s. Don’t know what part of that sounds childish too you. Not my problem though XD

    2. This guy named rickie is a fucking idiot. He kept pestering the normies over the shitty ass mortal kombat movie. Imagine being into garbage movies like that.