Jujutsu Kaisen 1×11 Reaction

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  1. He barely pays attention.. but hey, they watch dub not to be lost.. but they are lost anyway lol
    But you know, they watch 18 shows at same time so it could be troublesome

  2. You didn’t discuss it much, but Nanami’s ‘Overtime’ is a self-made pact where he’s bound himself to a restricted amount of cursed energy usage for 8 hours from when he starts working that day. After that point he has little to no restrictions on his cursed energy output, but he burns through it very quickly. It ties in with how he was telling Yuji to put in as much energy as is required for a task instead of 100% right off the bat- whatever his reserves are after 8 hours determines how strong ‘Overtime’ is.

    For whatever reason, green onions are considered a very ‘mom’ thing to buy and cook with in Japan- by saying she looks weird with them, Yuji is saying Junpei’s mom doesn’t look like a typical ‘Mom’

    Mahito doesn’t really have to focus that much on his form- like Nanami was thinking in the fight, to beat him they have to exhaust his cursed energy. Nanami knew he wouldn’t be able to do that, so he settled for hitting Mahito hard enough to give Nanami room to retreat.

  3. i dont know if they read the comments. but you guys are very rude in expressing your thoughts. you can be more polite about this stuff. adding lol to your sentence shows that you have little respect for the person you addressing.

  4. Hey guys I don’t know what going on but it seems I’m unable to watch jjk and naruto reaction in this site but I can still watch other reaction, only jjk and naruto that I’ve seem to have problem with.