Jujutsu Kaisen 1×12 Reaction

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      1. Thank god im not the only one… It kind of irritates me.. he sometimes distract the others and sometimes they miss the good parts thanks to Aaron :’D…

        1. Yeah, it’s freaking irritating most of the time, or shall I say all the time. I really can’t stand it and would like to just make him disappear in these moments.
          And surely his argument about the beginning, just OMG. The more I see Arron’s reactions to anime the more I’m confident that he simply can’t bring himself to enjoy anime to its fullest extent and perhaps way behind that. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these kinda people. Just free yourself from presumptions and comparisons to live-action maybe. Jeez

      1. Feels like he barely pays attention sometimes. I get that it’s hard to take notes while watching the show since it can cause you to miss stuff. But he seems extra absent minded with this one in particular.

    1. To be honest I feel like he’s been like that for a lot of reactions recently. More talking and joking, rather than paying attention to the show. And no, that’s not me saying they shouldn’t talk much during the reactions. Before anyone says anything haha

      1. I agree. For the past half year, he’s been particularly distracted and distracting, especially with the anime reactions. He often just barks out “what!?” or “WHODAT” whenever anyone or anything turns up. It’s like he’s trying to poke holes in the story. Like in Berzerk, when we see Griffiths dream of a castle and Arron starts questioning EVERYTHING: “whys it all blue? where is he? whats going on? why is this happening?”
        Like, these are all good discussion questions, but thats why you have a post discussion.

        And then you can look deeper into how his questions often reveal an empathetic disconnect from the show he’s watching. Prime example again is Berzerk. When the soldiers are all swarmed by demons and they scatter, Arron genuinely seems suprised by this, and keeps asking “why didn’t they just stand their ground?” He does’nt seem to consider the fear they would have felt or the fact that they initially did and most of them were eaten in moments. Like, if you see 5 or your fellow comrades get stuffed into a giant mouth and get crushed, screaming, are you going to reasonably deduce that running is still slightly worse than standing your ground? It’s like Arron see’s animated shows as being incapable of conveying real characters with emotion and thus starts trying to mock it for his own preconceived irregularities.

        To summarize my rant: Arron doesn’t let himself invest in anime shows and is often too busy thinking about how to make jokes about them to actually understand what is going on.

        1. It’s a shame…
          This is one of my favourite shows ever and seeing someone be so disinterested in it is a real bummer.
          But what’s even worse is that it kind of distracts the rest of the crew too so they can’t follow along well either.

          1. Guys, it’s a reaction video … chill out. Reactions won’t be fun and genuine if you complain about silly things like this.

  1. It gets lost in translation, but Junpei’s revelation that Mahito is a ‘bad person’ is triggered by his realization that ‘Mahito’ can be written with the kanji for ‘bad person’

  2. I’m generally open to the watching of dubs here, MHA, Mob Psycho, FMA, and even Naruto have pretty damn good dubs. and JJK’s is decent too..

    but man, it’s got to be said, I don’t think i’ve seen a disparity between quality of performance between Dub and Sub quite as bad as Itadori here in a WHILE… his sub voice is masterful. but his dub voice is legitimately mediocre…

    Itadori begging Sukuna to help in the sub is gut-wrenching.
    in the dub it’s like a teenager asking his mom if he can take the car for a spin.