Jujutsu Kaisen 1×13 Reaction

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    1. Not even 7 and a half, it’s like 6 minutes because of the Juju Stroll lol. If they’re gonna have the reactions be this short from now on i’d rather get rid of the Stroll reactions and fit in more of the actual episode.

  1. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but innate domains are definitely not the same as a domain expansion correct. Innate domains are unrefined spaces created by a cursed energy while domain expansions are refined spaces that amplify the caster and have specific guaranteed hit functions.

  2. They’re basically the same, yeah. Domain expansion is just a technique to expand your innate domain. An incomplete domain is when it’s unrefined.

  3. What a shame! One of the biggest episodes of the season and they cut it down to 7 minutes haha. The non patreons are gonna be disappointed. Wonder what the reason behind it was? Even in the review they barely talk about the episode.