Jujutsu Kaisen 1×14 Reaction

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  1. No spoilers but where’d you guys get the conclusion that Geto is a super intendant?? Is that a theory or did someone say that as a fact? His relationship with any human hasn’t been stated yet so I’ll confirm and deny nothing just wondering what gave you guys that conclusion.

    1. He said at the juvenile detention center that he couldn’t let anyone from Jujutsu Tech see him so they assume that he’s connected to the school in some way

  2. Is there any way to download the reaction? It seems to be loading pretty bad to me… through I can navigate pretty well in other websites.

        1. I download all their videos (on the shows I watch) with Video Downloader Pro from the free Chrome extensions store.

          You never know when something could happen to this site, and youtube is never a good place to host the only copy.