Jujutsu Kaisen 1×14 Reaction

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  1. No spoilers but where’d you guys get the conclusion that Geto is a super intendant?? Is that a theory or did someone say that as a fact? His relationship with any human hasn’t been stated yet so I’ll confirm and deny nothing just wondering what gave you guys that conclusion.

    1. He said at the juvenile detention center that he couldn’t let anyone from Jujutsu Tech see him so they assume that he’s connected to the school in some way

  2. Is there any way to download the reaction? It seems to be loading pretty bad to me… through I can navigate pretty well in other websites.

        1. I download all their videos (on the shows I watch) with Video Downloader Pro from the free Chrome extensions store.

          You never know when something could happen to this site, and youtube is never a good place to host the only copy.

  3. If it wasn’t for Aaron putting AoT on his top five shows (Reference: Ranking shows 2021, part3), I’d have said something way more rash but even when he was watching AoT he was kinda like this more or less. So I don’t get why you people are trying to defend Aaron with his somewhat repulsive approach toward anime shows?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not only about the humor, it’s way more fundamental than that, he asks who is Geto, he asks why Kyoto’s principal wants Yuji dead, and he says that “he” might be the traitor with some kind of a mocking type attitude. It’s the 14th episode. You guys are totally ridiculing and mocking yourself by defending him with shallow ridiculous reasonings. He literally said “I’m watching a show about how many fingers can a guy take, yeah, and that’s my day” You either didn’t hear this disgusting crap of an insult or just don’t want to hear it.

    He looks down on anime as a whole, as an inferior medium compared to others except for MHA and there is a good reason for that and that’s because it is so western/Amerian like for him. Heroes and Villians are set in a society fighting each other, Heroes saving people and the rest of the shit, which is like MCU and DC shits for him. I really don’t want to insult Aarons’s taste in shows but seeing him act like this is just terribly sickening. I sometimes sincerely think that It might be better if he just leaves anime alone, like not watching DS. He is biased against anime and does not take it seriously whereas the shows that he likes, in my opinion, (the American Hero Villian shows like MCU and DC ones) don’t even have below mediocre plots and just some cool hype things like Visual Effects and repeating the same crap stories by new characters/powers, no character writing and character development, and not even half as great music as this show.

    I’m exactly the opposite type and can’t stand live-action shows but I don’t force myself to watch those shows which I don’t like and then behave and talk shit about them like Aaron. It may be better if he only watches MHA I guess.