Jujutsu Kaisen 1×19 Reaction

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    1. Agree. I really liked the music in JJK. maybe it’s more difficult to notice the music with the action and the fast pacing (and doing a reaction)?

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I think it might also be difficult without the captions (was the absence of captions just something the show chose not to include for the dub version?) since you have to listen carefully to the dialogue while taking the rest of the show in at the same time.

  1. I think that the speaking your power works because they’ve established that belief and emotions are a huge part of cursed energy, since that’s how curses like mahito the other special grades were born. so if the person you’re fighting knows what your power does it makes it more real and therefore more powerful.

  2. It’s great how invested they are in a friendship that’s lasted for less than 30 minutes. But i was the same way. Todo is just a joy to watch.

  3. The only shows that I noticed their great music on the first watch were Naruto and AoT. Their music is really strong, and they have so many moments when you only need to focus on the music in the scene whereas in JJK you constantly have dialogues or fights while the music is playing in the background as well. I guess that it’s MAPPA style about sound directing I think. The music does not have a high volume as in other shows produced by other studios. It’s more or less the same thing with AoT season 4 score too, but maybe I’m wrong, it’s just what I’ve interpreted after watching all those shows and comparing them.
    This is my second time watching JJK and now I’ve realized that this show has great music. Its main theme, oh yes, awesome. All of them are great, every single episode, but I didn’t notice its music when I was watching it for the first time either. In some episodes, the music got even more amazing, and epic; that modern electronic music, oh man, so good, like episodes 13 and 15, and this one too. You have to watch it another time, or maybe it’s a flaw that the music isn’t as impactful for the first time!!!!

    I don’t want to talk about Aaron’s attitude toward anime, but it’s really hard. OK, we understood that you are not an anime-type, but just cut the crap already, it’s so pitiful and silly.