Jujutsu Kaisen 1×20 Reaction

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    1. I have that issue, I think it’s cos of the different currency that you’re using compared to $. On the main page of the site on the right side you can click become a patron, It doesn’t do anything but just confirms your account and brings you back. I got into a habit of just doing that when I open it up and it’s easy.

  1. Wont let me unlock even tho im tier 4, anytime I click to unlock it brings me to the page on patreon where I have to “complete your monthly payment to blindwave” even tho I already have. Can anyone help?

    1. instead of getting your access from here, do it on the main page, on the right side there’s a link to ‘become a patron’ that doesn’t do anything weird, but it just asks you to confirm and that always works for me. Either that or changing your currency also seems to work but that seems like more work even though it’s a one time thing.