Jujutsu Kaisen 1×23 Reaction

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  1. The two brothers here, we saw them get “created” last episode when they were put into living humans. Its a form of incarnation similar to how Sukuna is inside Itadori, but these curses were put in regular people so they took full control.
    This is never explained so it’s not spoilers. Its never really mentioned but the Cursed Womb Painting that these two are a part of a series of Buddhist paintings called Kusozu which is a series of paintings depicting the process of death and decomposition. These two would represent the second and third steps in that series of paintings. The third step is all about the putrefaction of flesh, called the Blood coating phase, which is why it spits blood.

  2. Hey I’m from the UK, got into your content with the start of aot S4, you guys are all awesome. Given me a really good way of re watching my favourite shows. Thanks a ton

  3. How long does it usually take for these early reactions to become active? I remember reading that foreign currency might take a little while, but it’s been several days.