Jujutsu Kaisen 1×24 Reaction

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    1. Nobara is badass and she was such a breath of fresh air after so many female characters that only exist to be a love interest and more cliche characteristics. And to be frank, I think most of the female characters in the show are out of that boring cliche loop.

  1. Love that you all liked this series! The studio really did go so hard in animating this show. I am excited for the continuation.

    P.s. Toge is already a semi grade 1, so he wouldn’t be up for recommendation.

  2. They brought up several times during the show that to be a good Sorcerer you have to be a bit crazy haha ALSO boys a movie is coming first before season 2. I hope you guys watch it!!

    1. @nuggetstony67 if you’re already a $15 tier patron and it’s still not unlocking the video, give it some time and try again. Whenever my subscription runs out I run into the same issue, where I’ve already renewed my patron status but the videos still won’t unlock. It usually just takes 30 minutes to an hour of checking and refreshing for the system to recognize you as a proper patron again

  3. Wanna hear something depressing? The ONLY legit Curse Spirit Yuji ever exorcised in this show was that spider one in episode 3. He took more human lives than curse ones in this season.

  4. The concept of the cursed paintings are they were aborted and experimented on as foetuses and turned into cursed wombs that produce special grades, they haven’t fully awakened to become full cursed spirits yet. Which happens when they become powerful enough to. Discounting the first 3 which had become powerful enough and yes there are 9 of them meaning there are 6 more still in womb form that either haven’t been recovered or haven’t been revealed to be in the possession of geto