Jujutsu Kaisen 1×5 Reaction

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          1. Are you sure you are on the same page? He is talking about season 2, not 2nd cour of the anime.

  1. I haven’t looked it up but the volcano headed spirit sure did sound like he was voiced by the same actor as Dimple from Mob Psycho. I could be wrong, first time watching the dub but when he was talking about spirits there at the end it sounded a lot like him

  2. The only English voice actor I had a problem with was Yuji, but I got to say even his is growing on me, however I did watch the sub first to I somewhat more of a fan that. However, I will say Inumaki is really funny and I agree with Erik when he says it’s so much funnier to hear him say the ingredients threading it in sub. I also like Sukuna, they got a good voice actor for him. I really like the funny line of “You and me, man!”

  3. Dont worry eric the joke gets carried over even if you are reading since it is based on a manga i think reading stuff isnt the problem

  4. Ugh the voice acting in general of the dub is kinda mediocre, but not terrible, however sukuna’s voice actor really stands out as lacking compared to his japanese counterpart. The gruffness comes off as over the top and it has no real range to it, always kinda the same tone. The japanese va can go from sounding casual to authoritative to downright bone chillingly creepy. It’s the only voice in the dub that I just can’t get over how much worse it is, and it honestly is killing a lot of scenes he’s in for me that are my favorites of the sub.