Jujutsu Kaisen 1×6 Reaction

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  1. When he offered the no kill or injury condition that was considered Yujies condition. When he offered the fight to the death he said if he won they were only going to do his conditions. So he can still run wild if he wants since Yugi lost his chance to make conditions.

  2. Geto want to seal Gojo using the seal box but Jogo wants the seal box for himself so he offered to kill Gojo since have too much faith in his strength but most people misunderstand this parts for some reason

  3. They kinda talked over it, but i really wanted to hear the reaction to Yuuji saying he wanted to do the Kamehameha lol. Unfortunately there’s no subtitles for the version they are watching.

  4. You guys got a little mixed up. The curses openly admitted they COULD NOT kill Gojo so they had to contain him. Jogo was just talking about how he thinks he’s strong enough to kill him