Jujutsu Kaisen 1×7 Reaction

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  1. Just some clarification for you guys. They explicitly said they cannot kill Gojo so they must seal him, you’re right in them wanting to flip Sukuna and Itadori but no they do not plan on killing Gojo.

  2. So, with Domains, it’s not necessarily about comprehension of Gojo’s inifinite, it more that the user has control over their own domain, while everyone else does not. And so when two domains overlap, it’s the stronger or mroe refined of the two that gains control. So Jogo couldn’t move because he ltierally has no power in Gojo’s domain

    1. No they were kinda right gojos domain was stronger and more refined so it overtook jogos but the effects of infinite void caused him not to be able to move he experienced infinity/everything but he couldn’t comprehend it causing him to be unable to move

  3. The discussion was great. I know some people enjoy this series and others don’t, as usual with anything since tastes differ, but I enjoy seeing someone who grew up reading and watching a lot of the things I grew up reading and watching create something with those things in mind. I don’t know but I just get such a kick out of it and it makes me wonder what the next generation of creative minds will come up with as they are growing up watching what’s out now.

  4. It’s always fun to see how much Eric laughs at the comedy in this show I’m glad everyone’s liking it more and more as it goes on

  5. It’s not a spoiler for them to be told that because Gojo has infinity around him he can’t touch anything, that’s why it looks like he’s floating, that and he covers his eyes while not in his domain because he would be looking into infinity otherwise and that would really fuck him up XD

  6. Lol glad y’all are enjoying JJK. Just a friendly reminder the curses explicitly said they CAN’T kill Gojo. Geto said even together they can’t beat him. Their plan is to use a high level cursed object to trap him to temporarily keep him from stopping them. Just FYI?

  7. You guys are spot on with Gojo’s infinity. It’s the same way Gojo can teleport, he’s closing the space between himself and another space which makes himself basically teleport.

  8. Yoooo enjoyed this and I’m glad you guys did as well. I was kinda expecting more of a reaction from you’s at this episode, but I guess I wasn’t that particularly hyped when I first saw it either. The shit’s only starting to roll down the hill from here on out anyways.

    Also no disrespect to the English VA’s but I definitely preferred the Japanese dub for this show. I think some of the emotional/awesomeness impact gets dragged down by the fact that I can’t unhear how chef’s kiss the Japanese is. Just hoping Yuuji English VA puts in more effort for the rest of the series as the shit truly is going to be rolling