Justice League Dark Movie Reaction

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  1. watching this after sandman should hit you guys harder: destiny = john dee. the dream stone = dream’s ruby aka THE DREAM STONE. the house of mystery which is where cain lives and abel is in the house of secrets.

  2. wait, yall did see him before, in flashpoint! and if you watched the harley quinn valentine’s day special without reacting to it, he was there as well. so much dc stuff yall are missing out on. sigh one day

  3. “green lantern is technology”……..MAGICAL TECHNOLOGY. the guardians be flying, shooting energy blasts, talking telepathically and MORE without any devices…….gotta get some green lantern content to the boys.

    1. Nah, just straight technology. Alien technology, but still. Just because we don’t understand it, doesn’t make it magic. Those rings are supercomputers, running on batteries and able to be reprogrammed

  4. love when people say 2000s super hero films are “early” super hero films. ignoring superman from the 70s and 80s….ignoring the serials from the 1930s….captain marvel (billy batson) was the first super hero film in 1941 as folks like flash gordon and the shadow didnt have powers in their initial iterations.