Justice League: War Movie Reaction

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  1. DCAU is leagues ahead of anything Marvel has produced, just like how the MCU is far better than any film DC has come out with yet. Aside from a few medicore movies, the DC Animated line of films are all quite good.

      1. Which is somewhat ironic given that what defined a lot of the New 52 was edginess and characters acting like jackasses. It wasn’t all bad but it definitely tried way too hard to be “adult” and too often came across as very childish because of it. The movies do a little better but I still think they suffered a bit from the New 52’s influence until about around JL Dark and TT: Judas Contract.

    1. Yeah, I can’t wait for the Batman movies. There’s a lot of good moments in these movies and I’m sure they’ll have a good time and enjoy it.

  2. Hoped they enjoyed this one cause it really goes down from here. And I’m not one of those people that says ‘THE NEW 52 IS HOT GARBAGE’ I actually laughed a lot in this movie, but the characters just seems so bland and out of character you know what I mean. The characters will act completely differently then how they are stated to act before. And how they switched up some characters personality’s I didn’t like either (Not Batman. He’s the greatest in everyone of these movies.) Not to mention the story… there isn’t one! In the first movie, Darkseid wants to conquer earth, why? Well it’s just this thing he does. And after that what was his motives, oh right… a grudge. We don’t get anything with new genesis just that Darkseid is evil and that’s that. I’m not expecting too much but throw me a bone here. To be honest though my biggest problem with this movie that the Snyder Cut will also be doing, is that they pulled out Darkseid straight away. There are other villains they could have gone with, but they decide one of the biggest bad guys they ever face.
    One last thing…… That green lantern scene where he gets jumped is fucking hilarious!!!