Loki 1×6 Reaction

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  1. i dont know how i feel about this reveal. the show was super boring in general with some cool moments in the last two eps. other than that……..meh

  2. Sylvie being female is not the nexus event. The nexus event of Sylvie was her being a totally good person. Otherwise she would have been pruned when she was born. Loki’s were meant to be the bad guy that makes others to be better. Sylvie playing the Rescue of Asgard and caring for the other guy that got arrested by the TVA were the hints that explains her nexus event.

    The TVA exists outside of the sacred timeline. So, Loki is not in a different TVA, not in a different timeline. The TVA just changed immediately after Sylvie killed He Who Remains.

  3. From what I understand, he allows other timelines to exist, but only if they don’t deviate to far from his idealized path. So its like a group of several parallel timelines all headed in the same direction. He doesn’t prune a timeline until it strays to far. So Female Loki exists because her existing doesn’t alter the basic events that flow around her for quite a few years. Once she makes so many changes that she triggers a nexus event, the TVA is alerted and sent to deal with her.

    He told them that he has lived millions of lifetimes so she couldn’t have been around since the multiversal war.