Looper Movie Reaction

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  1. havent seen this film since it first went to vod/netflix back in the day. i think i remember the justin timberlake film that came out around the same time more. i just remember my boy joseph gordon and time travel. so lets GO! time to grab a snack and then ill be right back!

  2. i remember the prothetics/makeup being more extreme. this is weak sauce. maybe its bruce who has the special makeup? but if its just this nose thing……what were they smoking in 2012 lol

  3. Bruce Willis knew the second kid wasnt rainmaker because his new memories of the farm kid killing the dude crystalised as he opened the door. But then he got stunned by the twirly gun guy!

  4. I don’t get it, I think it was all paced well and everything was intended to be there. The farm part was perfect.
    Seems like people just want a linear movie where everything is simple to understand.
    Then again I’m not a professional film critic.

  5. If young Joe killed himself and old Joe vanishes. Shouldn’t the entire timeline change, he never became old Joe to get sent back. Never went to the farm, never shot any kids. Films very messy

    1. Not how it works in this universe, by that logic, Old Joe would always get killed on the first trip because young joe already shot him, or paul dano’s character’s older self would have appeared as an amputee from the beginning since his character gets cut to pieces later in the movie. I think the time travel in this film works similarly to the MCU’s timeline where “when you travel to the past, that past becomes your future” because it’s not outright multiverse or extra dimensions or else the harming of the younger self wouldn’t harm the older self. (the mcu just doesn’t suffer the consequences of harming the younger self or deleting themselves because they return everything and they don’t reverse this blip at a point in time right after IW but rather at their current time.)

  6. I’ve never seen this movie in HD (it was a DVD in Mexico. .. sue me), never truly appreciated the makeup and prosthetics until now. really good.