Lost 1×14 Reaction

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  1. It’s kind of amazing, considering some of the people we meet later and where the story ends up going, but Susan may still very well be the absolute worst person on this show. Up to this point, maybe Randy and the literal monster are the only two that even come close.

    I don’t even like Michael, but, man, fuck her.

  2. what you know about franklin richards? not enough to remember his name lol. if you want to compare “wanda manipulates reality, franklin creates reality.” he has created entire planets, people, lives/memories as well as universes. he is a god for all intents and purposes of that word. i always laugh when people call a character “god tier” lol hold my psi-lord (franklin’s code name in the future)

  3. I’m absolutely loving these reactions, such great reaction/discussion everytime
    also petition to get Eric to play Dead Space 1 & 2, one of the best series (but not 3…never 3)

  4. I’m continually impressed by Eric’s ability to say things that are both true and misleading, or how he pretends to have to look up things like Ethan’s name.

  5. It’s too bad Rick was’t a writer on the show. I think he would have done an amazing job of making sense out of everything! I love where his theories are going