Lost 1×15 Reaction

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  1. I remember Damon Lindelof didn’t like his own script for this episode and was very critical of it. Which is weird because it seems like a perfectly fine episode to me? I suppose he’s just his own biggest critic.

  2. My feeling has always been that Claire felt safer knowing that Ethan was dead, if he had been captured she would have just been waiting for him to escape and hurt her again. That is why she warmed to Charlie afterward, because, as she said in her diary “he makes me feel safe”.

    1. Also, I don’t know if there is a better place to put show submissions, but please add Dirk Gently (the recent 2 season series on Netflix) to the next poll, that show is both mind bending and hillarious!

  3. 21:27 A lot of viewers seem to think Scott had “all of his bones broken” which makes Ethan seem ridiculously powerful. All Kate said was that his neck, arms, and all the finger bones were broken, which is overkill but not impossible.